Thrive's Top 5 TED Talks and inspiring interviews
By Farida Gilmore, Founder of Thrive and Professional Career Coach


By Farida Gilmore - Founder of Thrive and professional career coach

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Got some extra time on your hands while self-isolating or need something to lift your spirits? Then check out Thrive’s top 5 thought-provoking TED Talks and inspiring interviews that are bound to spark a fire in your belly and ignite super-interesting conversations in your household. Let’s dive in…


1.       Sir Ken Robinson“Do schools kill creativity?” (19 mins)

The ultimate, thought-provoking TED Talk. Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on schools is one of THE most watched TED talks of all time – and for good reason. This may bolster your home-schooling efforts right now!

2.       How I Built This – Interview with Sara Blakely – Founder of Spanx (30 mins)

"I've never sewn, I've never taken a business class in my life. I didn't ... know anybody that worked in fashion or retail." – This is an awesome story of guts, determination and following your dreams and seemingly crazy ideas! At 27 years old, Sara Blakely was selling fax machines and desperate to reinvent her life. So she came up with Spanx — hosiery that eliminates panty lines — which she invented by cutting apart her tights. Spanx is now the leading global shapewear brand and Blakely, the company’s sole owner, became the youngest female billionaire at 41, according to Forbes.

3.       Anne-Marie Slaughter“Can we all ‘have it all’? (17 mins)

Extremely interesting talk that is bound to create some debate. Slaughter’s talk centres on the idea that the concept of ‘having it all’ – usually attributed to women who want to be caregivers as well as breadwinners – must also be openly discussed to include and encourage men to play dual roles in the home.  Slaughter expands her ideas and explains why shifts in work culture, public policy and social mores can lead to more equality - for men, women, all of us.

4.       How I Built This – Interview with Casey Niestat – revered video artist (1 hour, 15 mins)

Even if you have never heard of Casey Niestat (I hadn’t), it is still 100% worth your time listening to the story of how he went from being a school drop-out, 17 year old father, with – statistically - all the odds stacked against him to becoming a self-educated, much-admired video artist with a following of 12 million people, creating videos for the best brands in the world. Casey’s optimism, gratitude (even when he lived in a trailer washing dishes for a living) and zest for life are, like COVID, contagious. Take the time to listen to this one, you won’t regret it.

5.       Shawn Achor“The Happy Secret to Better Work” (12 mins)

Could we be thinking about work in relation to happiness all wrong? In this fast-moving and very funny talk, Psychologist Shawn Achor argues that, actually, happiness inspires us to be more productive. So, the happier you are in your job, the better you’ll be at it. Well worth 12 minutes of your time.

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Be kind. Be safe.

By Farida Gilmore

Founder: Thrive
Professional Career Coach
Former corporate communications specialist

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